AUSTIN, Minn.—November 20, 2009—The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota and research partner of Mayo Clinic,  today announced Dr. Zigang Dong, Executive Director,  reports findings from the cancer prevention conference he co-chaired in Changsha, Chinawas a great success both in the ground-breaking research shared among leading collaborators and its outstanding attendance.


Dong reports the conference was attended by cancer experts from both China and the U.S., including Dr. Ann Bode, Associate Director of The Hormel Institute and Dr. Douglas Yee, Director of the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota.


“The research indicates most human cancers, if not all, are preventable. However, the journey towards achieving the goal of winning the war against cancer, by multiple approaches – especially prevention – is difficult and full of detours and roadblocks,” said Dong.


Cancer is one of the major physical, social and economic burdens and public health threats worldwide.  Cancer is a major cause of premature death in both China and the U.S. The goal of the joint conference was to provide a scientifically driving symposium with the focus on molecular and cellular targets of cancer causation and prevention.


The Hormel Institute comprises a group of highly successful medical scientists who have focused their efforts on determining the basic molecular mechanisms of cancer development in order to use their findings for the development of new anti-cancer agents.