South Korea selects Dr. Zigang Dong for 2011 Ohdang Award

AUSTIN, Minn. – Friday, Dec. 2, 2011 — One of the scientific community’s more prestigious awards was given to The Hormel Institute’s Executive Director, Dr. Zigang Dong.  The Ohdang Award, sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Society of Korea and Professor Sangsup Lee, is given annually for work in “advancement of pharmaceutical sciences.”  The prestigious award recognizes outstanding scholars who have had a major impact on pharmaceutical research and related areas of life sciences. 
 “I am very honored to be the recipient of this award and recognition by such an association,” said Dong.  “My goal is to seek healthier, more effective therapies for the treatment and prevention of cancer.  This recognition by such an important association is very meaningful to me and the peer recognition will serve to support and advance the research of The Hormel Institute.”

 As part of the award, Dong gave a keynote address in November at the Annual International Conference held in Incheon, South Korea. “Global Leadership for New Drug Discovery and Development” was hosted by the Pharmaceutical Society of Korea.  Pharmaceutical researchers from around the world gathered to discover the latest findings in drug prevention research and therapies for various diseases.
The Hormel Institute is a world-renowned medical research center specializing in researching nontoxic ways to prevent or control cancer. It comprises a group of highly successful medical scientists who have focused their efforts on determining the basic molecular mechanisms of cancer development to develop new anti-cancer agents.