Free, monthly event starts Thursday, gives inside look at world-renowned cancer research

AUSTIN, Minn. – June 26, 2012 — World-renowned cancer research will be on display Thursday evening as The Hormel Institute offers its first of three scheduled open houses for the public this summer.

The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota-Mayo Clinic will offer an open house from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 28. Attendees can arrive any time during the free open house and enter through the Institute’s main lobby on the west side. The summer open houses offer an inside look at the internationally known, state-of-the-art cancer research facility in Austin.

“We are looking forward to inviting new and returning friends to The Hormel Institute,” said Dr. Zigang Dong, Executive Director of The Hormel Institute. “Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about our latest cancer research as well as to learn about the upcoming expansion.”

Other open house dates for The Hormel Institute are set for July 26 and Aug. 30, also from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Those attending the open house will learn about The Hormel Institute’s 70-year history and cutting-edge cancer research while taking a walking tour of the facility, including stops to view a 3-D imaging demonstration of cancer research and the Institute’s two IBM supercomputers that are greatly accelerating answers to cancer. A display table also will show various fruits and vegetables that contain natural, anticancer compounds used in the Institute’s research aimed at discoveries leading to the prevention and control of cancer.

Participants also will view poster drawings of The Hormel Institute’s second major expansion planned for 2013. The Minnesota Legislature earlier this year approved $13.5 million in bonding funds for the City of Austin’s Port Authority for the Institute’s expansion project.

The Hormel Institute is a world-renowned medical research center specializing in researching nontoxic, natural compounds that can be used to prevent or control cancer. Established in 1942, The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota – Mayo Clinic is a leader in cancer preventative research.

The BioScience Triangle growing the collaborative partnership between the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Mayo Clinic-Rochester and The Hormel Institute-Austin is continuing to expand.