Members of the Austin Packers football team present a check on Tuesday for $790 to The Hormel Institute’s Dr. Yibin Deng, a research section leader, and Gail Dennison, Director of Development and Public Relations, outside of Hass Stadium. The team’s parent booster club raised the funds for breast cancer research during an inaugural “Pink Out Night” fundraiser Oct. 12.

First-time event raises $790 for The Hormel Institute’s breast cancer research

AUSTIN, Minn. – Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012 — Austin High School’s football parents, players and others recently helped raise $790 for The Hormel Institute’s world-renowned breast cancer research.

On Tuesday, members of The Hormel Institute, the Austin Packers football team and the Packer Football Booster Club gathered outside of Hass Stadium for a check presentation from the first “Pink Out Night” fundraiser.

Booster club members, led by Bonnie Kilpatrick, organized the inaugural event, selling pink “Send Cancer Packin’ ” T-shirts and collecting donations before the Packers’ final home game Oct. 12 in an effort to raise awareness and support for breast cancer research at The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota-Mayo Clinic. Many parents, players, cheerleaders and fans wore pink in support of the event. October is observed internationally as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with pink associated with breast cancer.

“We want to thank the community for all of the support,” Kilpatrick said, “and we look forward to having an even bigger ‘Pink Out Night’ next season.”

“Pink Out Night” aimed to raise awareness about the importance of supporting breast cancer research and early detection in an effort to hopefully save lives, Kilpatrick said. Booster club members felt a “Pink Out Night” was a way to demonstrate that Austin High football players, cheerleaders, students, parents and fans support those who have been affected by breast cancer, she said.

This community support for The Hormel Institute will go 100 percent toward directly funding local, cutting-edge research focused on discoveries leading to the prevention and control of breast cancer, said Dr. Zigang Dong, Executive Director for The Hormel Institute. “Research is the only answer to breast cancer and other types of cancer,” Dong said. “We are highly grateful for the booster club’s support as well as the many ways our community continues to support our aggressive fight against this devastating disease.”

More “pink” fundraising to support The Hormel Institute’s breast cancer research is in the works for the Austin Bruins hockey organization’s 3rd annual “Paint the Rink Pink” game Feb. 2 and the 2nd annual “Paint the Town Pink” citywide initiative Feb. 1-9. For more information or to promote a “Paint the Town Pink” event, contact the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau at 437-4563.

With one of the top scientific publishing records, The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota – Mayo Clinic is a world-renowned cancer research center conducting research focused on discoveries leading to the prevention and control of cancer. Its scientists conduct research focused on how cancer works and what nontoxic, natural compounds can be used to prevent and control cancer.

The BioScience Triangle growing the collaborative partnership between the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Mayo Clinic-Rochester and The Hormel Institute-Austin is continuing to expand, with plans for a major expansion in 2013 at the Institute to add 20 labs and better space for its International Center of Research Technology.