Dr. Harald Schmid  -Former Institute director honored by alma mater in Austria

Dr. Karl Crailsheim (pictured right), Dean of Natural Sciences at the University of Graz in Austria, presents a “golden doctorate” to Dr. Harald Schmid (left), The Hormel Institute’s executive director from 1987 to 2001.

Dr. Harald H.O. Schmid, who served as executive director of The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota in Austin for 16 years, recently received a special recognition in honor of his career achievements from his university in Austria.

University of Graz presented Schmid with a “golden doctorate” during a special ceremony on the 50th anniversary of Schmid earning a doctorate’s degree there. The university’s Dean of Natural Sciences Dr. Karl Crailsheim arranged the ceremony for Schmid and his wife, Patricia Schmid, who also was a long-time scientist at The Hormel Institute.

Schmid, who joined The Hormel Institute in 1962, served as a section leader from 1966 until his retirement in 2004 and as executive director from 1987 to 2001. He was the fourth executive director since The Hormel Institute was formed in 1942.


The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota is comprised of a group of highly successful medical scientists who are focused on determining the basic molecular mechanisms of cancer development to develop new anti-cancer agents. This summer, The Hormel Institute will begin construction on a major expansion to nearly double its size, adding 20 state-of-the-art laboratories and better space for its International Center of Research Technology.