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Online journal major achievement for cancer center

The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota, today announced its inaugural launch of Nature Partner Journal (npj) Precision Oncology.  This milestone achievement is a collaboration between one of the world’s top research journals (Nature) and The Hormel Institute, a University of Minnesota medical research center located in Austin, Minnesota. For information visit

The milestone event links The Hormel Institute’s cancer research with Nature (Oxford, England) publisher of the top scientific research in the world.  Nature Partner Journals are an online-only, open access series of Nature Research journals, published by Springer Nature in partnership with global academic institutions, centers of excellence, philanthropic funders and membership associations.

npj Precision Oncology is an online-only, open access journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research describing the significant and cutting-edge research covering all aspects of precision oncology from basic science to translational applications to clinical medicine. npj Precision Oncology has now published its first content – visit the journal website to explore all articles now available.

Led by Dr. Ann Bode and Dr. Zigang Dong, npj Precision Oncology is part of the Nature Partner Journals series, and is published in partnership with The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota.

“We have high hopes that this journal will have a major impact in the field of precision oncology, both in terms of targeted prevention and treatment of cancer,” said Dr. Ann Bode, co-editor of the new journal and associate director of The Hormel Institute, UMN.


For more information about npj l Precision Oncology visit:


About Nature Partner Journals

The Nature Partner Journals series is a rapidly growing program, comprising subject specific titles covering both applied and basic science disciplines, which offer a high-quality open access option for authors within that field.

Nature Partner Journals adopt a modified set of Nature editorial standards, bringing together strong editorial leadership with world-class publication systems to deliver high-quality, peer-reviewed original research to the global scientific community. Transcending traditional research boundaries, innovative features such as lay summaries allow the Nature Partner Journals to serve as intersections for many disciplines and systems, opening up research to the wider public.