AUSTIN – Thursday, March 30, 2017 – Paint the Town Pink exceeded its 2017 campaign goal.
Today PTTP leaders announced southern Minnesota and northern Iowa communities raised
$303,367 for cancer research for The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota. PTTP has raised
$1.129 million since 2011 with the first “Paint the Rink Pink” hockey game bringing $22,000 to
the world-renowned cancer research center.
“We are grateful for the generosity of our community and the hard work of our organizers

to give this gift of cancer research for The Hormel Institute, a gift that is for everyone,” said Kathi Finley, director of Paint the Town Pink.

“We know how deeply our communities care for people who are dealing with cancer, are survivors, have lost someone to cancer, and who want to create a better tomorrow for all of us. We do that through cancer research.”

Today Hormel Foods’ “Helping Hands” committee donated over $16,000, with a large part donated by Rod Rhyks and Hormel Foods’ Tom Day. Over 100 businesses held PTTP events and thousands of individuals from Austin and surrounding communities donated.

Paint the Town Pink’s official two-week campaign was Jan 30-February 12, with fundraising events held throughout the year. Judy Enright of Hoot ‘N Ole’s “Dutchtown Jumpers” Plunging for Pink (polar plunge) team was awarded the “Pink Heart” award for outstanding leadership and contribution. Debbie Retterath, organizer of this year’s “Pinko Bingo” was this year’s PTTP ambassador, representing Adams, LeRoy, Dexter, Grand Meadow, Elkton and Rose Creek.

“It is such a blessing to have been the ambassador for Paint the Town Pink,” said Debbie Retterath, a breast cancer survivor.

“To have the opportunity to share the message of hope to all those impacted by cancer and to remind everyone you don’t fight alone has been an honor beyond my wildest dreams. The generosity of our communities, the support of all these events and activities is truly amazing.”

The Hormel Institute distributes seed grants to HI cancer researchers with PTTP funds for innovative projects leading to major federal grants. With federal budgets threatening to be cut and research grants increasingly more competitive, the grants are highly valued.

“Your donations allow our scientists to research projects that might not otherwise be funded,” said Dr. Zigang Dong, Executive Director. “Thanks to The Hormel Foundation, 100% of every dollar donated can go into research, none to administrative costs. We appreciate everyone’s generosity and support and know we will continue to work hard for answers to cancer prevention and control. That is our best way to say thank you.”

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2017 CAMPAIGN results
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“Dutchtown Jumpers” Hoot N Ole’s
April 8 – Crawfish Boil
May 6 – BBQ Cooking Contest
June 17  Hoot & Ole’s Golf Tournament
Kathi Finley
Director, Paint the Town Pink