While celebrating the 75th year since Jay C. Hormel developed and gifted The Hormel Institute to the University of Minnesota, this summer scientists at the world-class cancer research center in Austin – as well as the public – are invited to enjoy a selection of art pieces created by his son.

Thomas DuBois Hormel, a Florida resident, provided Austin Area Commission for the Arts with a traveling art exhibit to support AACA and the arts in Austin.  The exhibit sites include the Hormel Historic Home, Jay C Hormel Nature Center, SPAM Museum, The Hormel Foundation and The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota.

“Context provides deeper meaning to artwork in general and with this exhibit, viewers can discover Tom Hormel’s work in the context of his hometown, a community where the past and future are shaped by the leadership and legacy of his family,” said Laura Helle, director of Austin Area Commission for the Arts.  “We are honored to spearhead this project and support the community exhibit at five key locations in Austin, all with strong ties to the Hormel family and Hormel Foods Corporation.”

The exhibit at The Hormel Institute features two pieces:  “DNA#2” and “Sunrise.”  The pieces will be on display now through August 25th and the public is welcome to view the pieces in the lobby of The Hormel Institute Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The display will also be featured in the Institute’s summer open houses when the cancer research center also provides facility tours:  June 30 (2-4 pm) July 1 (2-4 pm) July 28 (2-4 pm) and July 29 (11 am-1 pm).  The entire collection will be the featured art exhibit at the 6th Annual Austin ArtWorks Festival scheduled for August 26 and 27.

Every week The Hormel Institute hosts scientists, visitors, tours and corporate meetings with collaborative partners from around the world.  In addition to the many countries HI scientists come from, hundreds of scientists, partners and guests from across the world will see the Tom Hormel exhibit during their visit to the world class cancer research institute.

“It is a very special experience to have Tom Hormel’s art here, furthering the legacy of the Hormel family and establishing his own connection to The Hormel Institute,” said Dr. Zigang Dong, Executive Director of The Hormel Institute.  “Both pieces are a thoughtful reflection of our work in cancer research. We study DNA and how to prevent and control the progression of cancer.  We also greatly appreciate his piece named “Sunrise” which symbolizes hope and a new beginning, truly the mission behind our work to improve human health. We sincerely thank Mr. Tom Hormel and our friends at the Austin Area Commission for the Arts for sharing this special exhibit with us.”