Open House at The Hormel Institute for Paint the Town Pink Check Presentations

All businesses and individuals who have been raising funds the past few weeks for the Paint the Town Pink 2019 season are invited to The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota for check presentations/drop off of donations. Large events, like Plunging for Pink, Fishing for a Cure, and Paint the Rink Pink have been occurring each weekend, but there have been many smaller events and fundraisers happening in Austin and surrounding communities.

Paint the Town Pink and The Hormel Institute is inviting any group or person who has raised money for Paint the Town Pink to a check presentation open house next week. This is an opportunity to present whatever funds have been raised to a section leader at The Hormel Institute who has received a Paint the Town Pink grant and have a photo taken.

Check presentation open houses will occur Monday, February 25, 12-2 PM and Tuesday, February 26, 12-2 PM in the lobby of The Hormel Institute.

One hundred percent of each Paint the Town Pink gift goes directly to cancer research thanks to the support of The Hormel Foundation. The Hormel Institute uses Paint the Town Pink funds to distribute seed grants to Hormel Institute researchers for innovative cancer research projects. And while “PINK” is the color and cancer research grants focus on breast cancer, the data and discoveries can support all cancers.

For more information contact The Hormel Institute or Kathi Finley:


Gail Dennison/Brenna Gerhart
The Hormel Institute UMN

Kathi Finley, 507.460.0259

Thank you for the amazing progress that is being made in accelerating answers to cancer: Every dollar, every cancer, every person matters.