The Hormel Institute Receives American Coalition for Ethanol Grassroots Leadership Award

National award for organizations who support agriculture and ethanol

Austin, Minn – August 20, 2021 – The Hormel Institute was awarded the 2021 American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) Grassroots Leadership Award in Minneapolis on Thursday at the ACE annual conference. The award recognizes individuals or organizations who work without fanfare to support agriculture and ethanol.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious and meaningful award. Our collaborations with ethanol industry leaders, beginning with Absolute Energy and Mr. Rick Schwarck, show shared values and a shared mission in the most critical area of all – protecting human health,” said Dr. Robert Clarke, Executive Director of The Hormel Institute.

“An Assessment on Ethanol-Blended Gasoline/Diesel Fuels on Cancer Risk and Mortality,” review article was recently published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (2021) by Dr. Steffen Mueller of the Energy Resources Center (University of Illinois-Chicago) and Dr. Shujun Liu and Gail Dennison of The Hormel Institute. Their research analysis indicated the toxicity of gasoline aromatics and expected toxicity reductions with ethanol.

“We look forward to advancing this type of research at The Hormel Institute and continuing to impact human health through finding more answers as to what may prevent more cancers and other diseases,” said Dr. Clarke. 

ACE is also recognizing The Hormel Institute for its contributions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically for collaborating with Absolute Energy to provide hand sanitizer to the Mayo Clinic and using ethanol to protect essential healthcare workers.