Smoking and Alcohol Study

Are you 21 years of age or older, in good health and want to make a little extra money? If so, the University of Minnesota and The Hormel Institute are looking for daily cigarette smokers and non-smokers along with light, moderate or non-alcohol drinkers to take part in a clinical study. You will be asked to attend two clinic visits, each lasting about 60 minutes. The two visits will take place about 2 weeks apart.  Prior to the clinic visits you will attend a virtual or in-person consent meeting to discuss the study in detail.  You will be paid $75 for each completed visit and $25 bonus for completing your daily surveys.  Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area: Call (612)-393-8967 or Email:  Austin, MN Area: Call (507) 355-5209 or Email:


Participants Still Needed for 10,000 Families Study

The Hormel Institute is excited to announce our partnership with the 10,000 Families Study (10KFS) of the University of Minnesota! 10KFS is a study of family health across Minnesota, looking at how environment, genetics, and daily life affect health and illness over time. We are partnering to invite families from Mower County and broader Southeast Minnesota to join the study; let’s make sure our region is represented in this landmark project! We’re also offering the opportunity to come over to the Institute for health visits, the in-person part of 10KFS, rather than go up to the Twin Cities. Want to see if your family is eligible to join 10KFS? Click on Questions? Email


For more information, contact:

Emily Heath, RN BSN
Clinical Research and Outreach Nurse
The Hormel Institute University of Minnesota
Office: 507-437-9642