A full wet lab dedicated to preparing cryo-fixed samples for the Titan Krios along with tools needed for characterizing and troubleshooting samples in negative stain.


vibrobot leica fishion
Stability optimization of macromolecular complexes by sparse-matrix screening of chemical space Vitrobot offers fully automated vitrification, fast and easy. It performs the cryo-fixation process at constant physical and mechanical conditions like temperature, relative humidity, blotting conditions and freezing velocity. The transfer from the vitrification medium into the liquid nitrogen atmosphere has been automated,  ensuring consistent sample quality at high sample throughput. Leica ACE 600 performs thermal evaporation of carbon creating thin layer supports for negatively stained samples and cryoEM foil grids. The machine is also fitted with a glow discharge unit to prepare wetting of carbon surfaces. Fishione 1020 Plasma Cleaner and quickly removes organic contamination (hydrocarbon) from electron microscopy specimens and specimen holders. A low energy, reactive gas plasma cleans without changing the specimen’s elemental composition or structural characteristics. The Plasma Cleaner features easy-to-use front panel controls and an oil-free vacuum system for optimal processing.