Development and Public Relations

On behalf of the faculty and staff of The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota, we thank all who helped to support our cancer research this year through your generous gifts of time, effort and money, and your strong faith in what’s possible through collaboration. The Hormel Institute continues to grow in research capabilities, in achieving grants and high impact publications, and in discoveries that move us forward toward new ways to prevent and control cancer. This is only possible because of each of you. We thank the dedicated faculty and staff of The Hormel Institute for their research achievements – representing them is indeed a privilege and an honor.

This year we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota. In our first year, The Hormel Foundation was the only source of funding for The Hormel Institute. The Hormel Foundation remains our most important and significant partner and through the leadership of Mr. Gary Ray and the board, we have been guided to even greater achievements and potential.

We deeply appreciate the hundreds of people who support The Hormel Institute’s dedicated cancer research and we can thankfully say your donations are used only for research – thanks to The Hormel Foundation, none is used to cover administrative costs. Our guiding principle is to win support for The Hormel Institute’s quest to improve the health of the world through scientific research. Together, we know that for a healthier tomorrow, research must be funded today – thank you for your continued support.