The Hormel Institute Grant Website

Interested in submitting a proposal for funding?

Here are some quick tips to help you get started:

1. Complete the Grant Application Notification Form 1 month prior to the sponsor deadline

2. Give all completed application files to the department Grant and Contracts Professional at least 8 business days prior to the sponsor deadline

3. Approve the PRF and final application

4. Proposals must be submitted to SPA no less than 3 days prior to the sponsor deadline

5. Make any necessary changes as requested by SPA

Key Deadlines

1 month prior to the sponsor deadline – submit the Grant Application Notification Form

8 business days prior to the sponsor deadline – Provide department Grants and Contracts Professional with all completed application files

3 business days prior to the sponsor deadline – Applications are sent to SPA for submission

Funding Opportunities Available funding opportunities both internal and external, including links to AACR, ACS and more.

Helpful Contacts/Links Provides a list of handy links that may be useful in finding and completing applications for funding opportunities.

Frequently Requested Information Contains links to templates, forms and frequently needed information for sponsored project applications.

Frequently Asked Questions Provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Policy/Procedures The Hormel Institute Sponsored Project Policy and Procedures
Includes information about deadlines and responsibilities. Provides detailed steps for the notification, application, revision and submission process for sponsored projects.