Frequently Asked Questions

Grant Application Notification Form

Where do I find the Grant Application Notification Form?

Click here to be direct to the Grant Application Notification Form.

Internal, UMN Proposals

Do I need to submit a Grant Application Notification form for internal, UMN proposals such as the Masonic Cancer center?
Yes, we will help you prepare a budget and PRF (if necessary) prior to the internal deadline. All other items are prepared and submitted by you.
Late Submissions

What if the agency announcement was released with less than 1 month before the deadline? Can I still submit a proposal?

Yes, we will work together to submit a proposal. The department grants professional will adjust the schedule to accommodate the proposal and the PI will adjust his/her schedule to adhere to the required deadlines.
(This exception applies to announcements that were released within the 1 month window, not those the PI was unaware of until that time.)

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent (LOI), do I need to submit an intent form?

If you are submitting a letter of intent (LOI)/pre-proposal, and hope to be invited for a full proposal, you should absolutely fill out the intent form at least 1 month before the full proposal is due.