Ovarian cancer research receives $75,000 boost at Institute

March 20, 2020

Ovarian cancer research receives $75,000 boost at Institute Hormel Institute scientist receives grant for novel research Dr. Ilana Chefetz has been awarded a $75,000 Rivkin Center Pilot Award to fund new research into ovarian cancer. Dr. Chefetz leads the Cancer Stem Cells and Necroptosis lab at The Hormel Institute and her study “AMPK-alpha-like proteins in Read more

$670,000 Gene Therapy Partnership Grant for The Hormel Institute

February 25, 2020

Dr. George Aslanidi joins with Mayo Clinic researcher for gene therapy study Gene therapy has become a powerful instrument for the treatment of many diseases to prevent or stop the disease from progressing.  Dr. George Aslanidi, Associate Professor and head of the Molecular Bioengineering and Cancer Vaccine lab at The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota, Read more

The Hormel Institute scientists awarded nearly $1 million Minnesota partnership grant targeting cancer and neurological disease

February 13, 2020

Children’s cancer, brain tumors, pancreatic cancer and a range of neurological conditions comprise the diseases targeted by this year’s research projects selected by the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics.  Dr. Edward “Ted” Hinchcliffe leader of the Cellular Dynamics lab at The Hormel Institute UMN is the lead PI from the UMN (The Hormel Read more

$250,000 grant will study effects of cancer treatment on fertility

February 13, 2020

Institute’s Dr. Ilana Chefetz will lead innovative study to help young women  As if cancer were not traumatic enough, there is another fear common to most young women undergoing treatment for cancer – the concern of chemotherapy affecting fertility.  Dr. Ilana Chefetz, leader of Cancer Stem Cells and Necroptosis lab at The Hormel Institute, was Read more

Dr. Luke Hoeppner awarded lung cancer research grant from the Elsa U. Pardee Foundation

December 10, 2019

Research discoveries aimed at how to prevent cancer drug resistance One of the most prevalent and deadly challenges in cancer treatment is drug resistance – therapies may work for a while but often tumors become resistant and return.  Dr. Luke Hoeppner, leader of the Cancer Biology research section at The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota, Read more

The Hormel Institute acquires major data storage upgrade for CryoEM

December 4, 2019

Innovative Minnesota start-up company meets the need With one of the largest needs for data storage in the state due to its bioinformatics research data and the Titan Krios cryo-electron microscopy research, Jeff McDonald, PhD, new director of The Hormel Institute’s Information Technology department, shared news of the technology expansion. “The amount of data storage Read more

Innovative model gives atomic detail to critical process

November 26, 2019

  Institute scientist’s research published A first-of-its-kind model of a process important to the filaments that maintain our cells’ structure and integrity was published this month and relied heavily on the research of Raja Dey, a scientist in the Cellular and Molecular Biology research section of The Hormel Institute. The article, “A proposed atomic model Read more

A new understanding of aggressive cancer growth is identified

November 7, 2019

Top cancer research journal publishes The Hormel Institute research The results of a study led by Dr. Shujun Liu, head of the Cancer Epigenetics and Experimental Therapeutics lab at The Hormel Institute, were published in the high impact journal Nature Communications this week. The research, led by Dr. Liu and team, showed a significant new Read more

Cancer development breakthrough at The Hormel Institute

August 22, 2019

Cancer development breakthrough at The Hormel Institute Scientist shares a potential new measurement to monitor chromosome changes in cancers  One of The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota’s new section leaders, Dr. Rafael Contreras-Galindo, just published research in a high impact journal, Scientific Reports, an on-line open access journal published by Nature, the world’s top research Read more

Bowling for the Battle strikes at cancer with $76,260

June 27, 2019

Another record-breaking year from the community for  The Hormel Institute’s prostate cancer research fundraiser The ever-growing “Bowling for the Battle – A Fight Against Prostate Cancer ” group raised a record $76,260 for innovative prostate cancer research at The Hormel Institute during its 2019 event. This was the fifth annual bowling tournament fundraiser with a Read more