Zigang Dong - Executive Director The Hormel Institute

Zigang Dong – Executive Director

Dear Friends,

At The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota we are grateful for a legacy that stretches for more than 75 years. We had our beginning in 1942 with the newly formed Hormel Foundation’s notable decision to create a research center. Under the leadership of founder Jay C. Hormel, the establishment of a scientific research center here in Austin, Minnesota made history and through the years, has allowed us to make significant contributions to science.

With great respect we acknowledge the dedicated scientists and staff who have comprised The Hormel Institute through more than seven and a half decades. Above all, we thank The Hormel Foundation and Hormel Foods Corp. for their successful achievements and unwavering support, along with support from our many generous donors. Working together, progress in cancer research and important contributions to science has been made possible.

The Hormel Institute has remained true to its mission for over 75 years: To further scientific knowledge and share that knowledge with the world. We have had the opportunity to advance science through research focused first on food safety and preservation, to world recognized lipid research, to today’s great and ongoing advancements in cancer research.

The transformative expansions of 2008 and 2016 provided tremendous new opportunities to further research and develop worldwide collaborations – and progress truly continues daily. We are deeply thankful these research opportunities are in a field where the work accomplished by our scientists are for the improvement of human health – where advancements and discoveries can be celebrated by one and all, around the world.

New faculty with exciting new expertise continue to join The Hormel Institute as we fill the newly built labs. This growing body of expertise broadens our scope of cancer research and expands the capabilities of The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota, an important part of the Masonic Cancer Center.

From all our faculty and staff, we thank you for the opportunity to contribute to The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota’s great legacy. With your important support, we will continue our quest to advance discoveries and improve the health of our world – for the benefit of people today and future generations to come.