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Bob Ashley
CryoEM Facility Manager


Bob Ashley is the Electron Microscopy Core Facility manager. He is a graduate of Madison College in Madison Wisconsin, which at the time, was one of two professional schools in the nation with a program focused solely on electron microscopy and electron optics. His first position was at the Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey Pennsylvania and received further training at The University of Pittsburgh as an apprentice in the craft of cryo-EM. After 6 years developing a biological cryo-EM core at Penn State, he came back to the Midwest when the Hormel Institute recruited him to run their premier Electron Microscopy facility and has been here since August of 2016.


Electron Microscopy
Madison College

Research Specialties

Specializes in preparing, imaging and solving structures of biological targets with an electron microscope. Targets include individual proteins, complexes, and virus; utilizing single particle cryo-EM techniques and computational mapping.

Research Interests

My research interest is to facilitate the work of scientists exploring biological structures with the hope of discovering not only what they look like, but to ultimately find a deeper understanding of the way they function. Additionally, my focus is on developing the imaging and sample preparation techniques that can progress the capabilities and reach of the craft of the electron cryo-microscopy field in general.


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