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Started in 1942 by Jay C. Hormel, The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota has a more than eight-decade history of making significant scientific discoveries aimed at improving the health of the world. The Hormel Institute is an independent biomedical research department within the University of Minnesota’s Office of the Vice President for Research. Collaborative research partners include Masonic Cancer Center UMN (a Comprehensive Cancer Center as designated by the National Cancer Institute, NIH), Mayo Clinic (US News & World Report’s “Best Hospital in the United States”), and many other leading research centers worldwide. The Hormel Institute is home to some of the world’s most cutting-edge research technologies and expert scientists. The Hormel Institute continues to broaden its impact through innovative, world class research in its quest to improve human health.

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The Hormel Institute Scientists Author Invited Review on Links Between Social Isolation and Breast Cancer

Factors that can lead to social isolation include aging, discrimination, poverty, violence, disability, epidemics, and more.

What Makes Our New Cryo-Electron Microscopy Director tick? Find out in detail as we introduce Dr. Hafenstein

“It’s exciting to be the first person to visualize something that no one else has seen, or figure something out, how it works. Especially if it’s something we can use to our advantage as humans.”

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The Hormel Institute will be broadcasting the Masonic Cancer Center’s THRIVE Cancer Survivorship Series.

The first event is Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 6 p.m. and will cover supplements and nutrition.

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The Community Outreach and Education department at The Hormel Institute works to identify community needs, expand education outreach and internships, and better connect the community to The Hormel Institute and The Hormel Institute to the community. Research is the only answer to cancer, and your important gift helps our world renowned scientists continue to make progress in their aggressive fight against cancer.

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Why Is The Pink Ribbon Used To Recognize Breast Cancer?

At The Hormel Institute, we understand that this month means different things to different people.