Our health has a major impact on our quality of life as humans—and it’s a no-brainer that most of us would prefer to stay as healthy as possible. To accomplish that, it helps to have recommendations backed by scientific evidence. 

That’s where clinical research comes in.

Clinical research helps us understand what keeps humans healthy—and what factors may contribute to illness or disease. Findings from clinical research can help people make more informed decisions to protect their health and lead to safe, effective treatment or preventative measures when illness or injury arise.

We are proud to serve as a site for various clinical research studies that help represent the rural communities in Southeastern Minnesota.  Learn more about our current studies.

Smoking and Alcohol Study

The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota is in search of participants for the Smoking & Alcohol research study. The goal of this research is to identify specific types of DNA damage that might be caused by smoking cigarettes and drinking
alcohol. Participants may be compensated up to $175 if all parts of the study are completed. To learn more, click here. or scan the QR code.


Participants Still Needed for 10,000 Families Study


The Hormel Institute is excited to announce our partnership with the 10,000 Families Study (10KFS) of the University of Minnesota! 10KFS is a study of family health across Minnesota, looking at how environment, genetics, and daily life affect health and illness over time. We are partnering to invite families from Mower County and broader Southeast Minnesota to join the study; let’s make sure our region is represented in this landmark project! We’re also offering the opportunity to come over to the Institute for health visits, the in-person part of 10KFS, rather than go up to the Twin Cities. Want to see if your family is eligible to join 10KFS? Click on z.umn.edu/10KFS-Hormel. Questions? Email tenkfs@umn.edu.


For more information, contact:

Emily Heath, RN BSN
Clinical Research and Outreach Nurse
The Hormel Institute University of Minnesota
Office: 507-437-9642
Email: eheath@umn.edu