K-12 Learning



Medical Detectives Day- The Hormel Institute and Austin Public Schools have teamed up to offer a Medical Detectives Day to all students who complete the Medical Detectives Course that is offered to all 6th graders at IJ Holton. Students are brought to The Hormel Institute. This day involves meeting a scientist, experiencing hands-on activities throughout the day to learn about science and how it relates to their classroom and Minnesota and Next Gen Science Standards. You can check out how it looked from our October session here. 


Science Saturdays – The Hormel Institute is excited to offer Science Saturdays to inspire the next generation of scientists. In the weeks leading up to each Science Saturday, you will be able to reserve a kit and then receive instructions on when to pick it up. The kit contains instructions and supplies to complete a fun science experiment at home. Not only are instructions written but you can also do the experiment with a Hormel Institute Senior Scientist as he walks through the science experiment with those participating in the experiment in the comfort of your own home. Check out video from our January session here. 


Young Scientists Program–  The Hormel Institute, along with Austin Middle Schools, offers a program for students in grades 6-8 who have an interest in learning more about biomedical research science fields. Students gain knowledge through exploration, relevance, relationships, rigor and results. Students learn through observation and hands-on experiences. Students are able to explore the biomedical research science field and create new relationships within our community.


Request a scientist speaker-  Do you, your group, or your students want to learn more about what our researchers do and how they became a researcher? The Hormel Institute researchers are discovering and developing new and better way to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancers but love to connect with others as their schedules allow! Contact our team and we will try our best to help arrange a researcher to come speak at your event or in your classroom in person or virtually.